An illustrated text-based adventure. Originally created for the 2017 A Game By Its Cover game jam, expanded for the 2017 Yuri Game Jam.
Please notify me if you encounter any bugs/are stuck anywhere.
This game is still in development.
inspired by this Famicase

If you have trouble clicking on small areas, I suggest cycling through clickable links with [Tab] and validating with [Enter]. Sorry the clickable areas are so tiny !

Written by Kayla Bayens, Hayley Johnson & Julie Yllogique
Illustrated by Julie Yllogique
With precious help from Coraline Epaud, Juliette Mangin, @ker0chanFR & @100Jibie 

StatusIn development
Made withTwine
Tags2D, artgame, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Queer, Text based, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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*sobs* Still awaiting

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I knooow I wish we had time to write the next chapter :'(

I will continue to wait! It'll be worth it.

I adored this. It's lovely, and I think the art noveau style you've got going for The Dragon Palace is gorgeous! I really hope you continue to develop this game!


Noooooo, I hadn't read the dealie-thing saying it wasn't finished, I was so into the vibe and then PLOOF it ended \( ;o;)/ noooo it was getting so cozy!

Aww I'm sorry ! Glad you had fun though.
I hope the writer and me can get back to working on and finishing the story one day !

Really loving this game so far! I've gotten stuck trying to explore more the first morning, the options say [tried the door] and [leave it alone] but neither are clickable.

Yes, sadly the game isn't finished and there are a lot of dead-ends after the first night... I hope we come back to it one day with the writer to finish it :) Thanks for playing !

this is so fun! Can't wait to see where this goes :)


Amazing art, well done!