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I love this! PLEASE FINISH

I adore the art, the art nouveau stylings are beautiful and I really like the sense of texture of the watercolors! The writing is also great, I'm intrigued by the different characters (especially M and what's going on with Triton) and it's lovely to spend time relaxing in the hotel. Really looking forward to more, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you guys!

This is really cute! I love the art, and the storyline is captivating! It's a shame it isn't finished...


*sobs* Still awaiting

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I knooow I wish we had time to write the next chapter :'(

I will continue to wait! It'll be worth it.


I adored this. It's lovely, and I think the art noveau style you've got going for The Dragon Palace is gorgeous! I really hope you continue to develop this game!


Noooooo, I hadn't read the dealie-thing saying it wasn't finished, I was so into the vibe and then PLOOF it ended \( ;o;)/ noooo it was getting so cozy!

Aww I'm sorry ! Glad you had fun though.
I hope the writer and me can get back to working on and finishing the story one day !

Really loving this game so far! I've gotten stuck trying to explore more the first morning, the options say [tried the door] and [leave it alone] but neither are clickable.

Yes, sadly the game isn't finished and there are a lot of dead-ends after the first night... I hope we come back to it one day with the writer to finish it :) Thanks for playing !

this is so fun! Can't wait to see where this goes :)


Amazing art, well done!